Friday, May 27, 2011

Persuasion Secret 3 -- Commitment and Consistency

OK. Today's lesson on how to successfully persuade others focuses on a concept known as "Commitment and Consistency."

Most people, once committed -- either verbally or in writing -- to a certain course of action, want to be consistent. So, they are much more likely to do something once they have committed to doing it. They don't like to back out of a deal they've made. They will follow through with what they said or wrote they would do.

This point was proved in some research prior to an election. Researchers wanted to know once people committed to a phone caller to vote -- if they would actually go to the polls like they told the caller they would.

Of those called the night before the election -- 100% said they would go vote. And, on election day, 86.7% of them did -- compared to only 61% who voted that were not asked.

In Washington State where we do our voting by mail -- the time when we can actually vote is extended to more than a single day. So, politicians here set up phone banks weeks in advance of election day so you will receive multiple phone calls asking if you are going to vote. Annoying to be sure, but most likely a very successful campaign strategy.

The research findings indicate that people want to be both consistent and true to their word. So, getting voters, or customers, or clients to commit verbally or in writing makes them more likely to follow through with a vote, an action, or a purchase.

Use this persuasion secret in your next marketing, advertising, or sales campaign and look for increased success with your offers. 

Good Selling!

:)  Dana

P.S. No class this weekend. Enjoy the holiday. Persuasion Secret 4 -- on "Liking" -- will be revealed next Tuesday.

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