Monday, May 23, 2011

Some thoughts about Kansas ...

So it's Monday. And along with millions of others, I've been watching with more than a small amount of horror the destructive power that's been ripping across the midwest and south in the form of tornados. I think I always have been somewhat afraid of them.

My mother's family came from Kansas ... and the family stories often talked about them having to hide in the root cellars on the family farms. And then, I saw the Wizard of Oz ... and I just knew I didn't want to live anywhere near tornados.

How do you feel about Kansas?

When Dorothy lived there, it was a place where everyone knew their way around ... and despite some hidden dangers -- every day was pretty much the same. Kansas. Mundane? Predictable? Boring? Yes, probably all that ... and for the most part, safe if you had a root cellar to duck into and hide from the occasional storm.

Not really much of an adventure in Kansas, just more of the same every day.

Adventures come with trouble. It's part of the deal. Not everyone is ready for a trip threough OZ. Not everyone wants to make weird alliances and fight against unimagined evils. Not everyone is ready to leave behind all that's familiar and strike out on their own.

Remember with Dorothy it didn't take too long until she realized she wasn't in Kansas any more. She was clenching her eyes while repeating, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

Sometimes in business, we leave Kansas and move to a new world, a new adventure. We meet interesting characters along the way. We learn to take a stand. We learn who we really are and the talents we have deep inside us. We fight battles against evil. No question, it is an adventure worthy of an epic movie.

And, for those who learn to weather the storms, it's a terrific ride -- even if it is on the back of a tornado.

Good selling!

:)  Dana

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