Monday, June 6, 2011

The Discovery Channel ...

I keep finding programs on the Discovery Channel that I like: Swamp Brothers, Swamp People, Deadliest Catch, Dual Survivor, Bear Grylles, Sharks, and now all the Hogs Gone Wild programs.

Did you know that more American citizens are killed by pigs each year than by sharks?

I think that the same may be true for a business.

Here's what I mean.

A business owner often spends a lot of time worry about how to deal with competitors (sharks). They worry most about the competitive marketplace and what the competition down the street is doing.

But it is the pigs that really kill a company.

The pigs are the employees who would rather lie in the mud and oink rather than jumping through hoops to provide better customer service for your customers. The pigs are also the middle managers who are more concerned about what the company can do for them rather than what they can do to benefit the company. The pigs are the owners who are in it only for short-term gain.

So, to build your business -- you need to get rid of the pigs!

Good Selling!

:)  Dana

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