Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just who is your customer?

It's a key question asked each and every day by thousands of advertising people across the country.

The ad rep asks: "Who are your trying to target? Just who is your customer?"

And the business owner responds: "Blah, blah, blah."

And then they sales rep says: "Well, isn't that a coincidence -- that's exactly who we reach!"

And then the business owner buys the advertising because he knows he must "target" the right people or his or her ad campaign won't be successful.

Sound familiar?

I've bought and sold ad programs for years based on that simple question -- "Who is your target customer?" I know that you probably have too.

I'm pretty convinced at this point that the question is pretty much a non essential in determining an ad campaign's success.

While it is a very "logical" approach -- it overlooks something.

Let's assume the business owner decides to target women between 25 and 54 years of age. All our marketing and advertising messages are placed in media that is specifically targeted for that age and gender.

But in so doing, are we also assuming the woman has no family? No kids? No mate? No co-workers and associates? No neighbors? No Friends?

If we target our ads and messages ONLY to that demographic group of women ages 25-54, are we assuiming that the woman makes decisions in a vacuum?

Perhaps a better question to ask and answer is this:

"Why would a person choose to do business with you at all?"

In developing an advertising, marketing or sales program around that question -- you will be better able to reach a larger audience with your important messages. If you can impress someone deeply with your message, your program will be more successful than otherwise.

Good Selling!~

:)  Dana

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