Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Developing Your One-Minute Commercial ...

Yesterday I promised I would provide you with a form that would help you answer a frequently asked interview question: “Tell me a little about yourself.”

There are about 2 dozen frequently asked questions at a job interview – and the one I just gave you usually is the lead off question. How well you answer it can determine how the rest of the interview goes and if you are going to get a job offer. So, it is good if you can answer it and really knock it out of the park.

You’ve got less than 60-seconds to do it …

This little answer is one you should commit to memory. It is sometimes referred to as a “one minute commercial” … or as an “elevator speech” (because you should be able to deliver it in the time it takes to ride in an elevator).

As you put your self-promotional presentation together, you’ll want to mention your career goals, strengths, past successes, values, life experiences, jobs, and more.

Besides being an excellent way to respond to that important job interview question – your one minute commercial can also be used in networking conversations, at job fairs, email messages, on social networking sites … just about any place where it will serve you in your job hunting process.

What should be in it?

There are five elements it must address:

·         1.  Who am I?

·         2.  What do I offer?

·         3.  What problem is solved by hiring me?

·         4.  What are the main contributions I will make to a company?

·         5.  What should the listener do after hearing my commercial? (A call to action if you will.)

How to put it together …

You can easily develop a 30-to-60-second self-promotion statement.  Merely answer the questions that follow and you’ll have an excellent beginning for your one-minute commercial:

My name is ________________________________________________________.

I live in  ___________________________________________________________. 

I’m pursuing a career in ______________________________________________. 

I want to pursue this career because ____________________________________. 

To prepare for this career, I have _______________________________________. 

One day I hope to ___________________________________________________. 

In previous jobs I have  _______________________________________________.

My guiding rule in life is ______________________________________________.

My greatest talent is _________________________________________________.

People see me as someone who  _______________________________________.

When you hire me, I will solve _________________________________________.

I will make these contributions to your company __________________________.

If I sound like someone you would like on your team right now ... let's talk some more.  


Write out your answers to these questions. Then write your one minute commercial using the information. Memorize your statement. Say it out loud. Practice it in front of a mirror. Give it to others and become comfortable with it. You will need it – perhaps sooner than you expect.

Tomorrow, more questions you’ll face in an interview … and how to answer them.

Good hunting! 

J  Dana

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