Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evaluating An Informational Interview

If you’ve been networking with those on your list and have held some informational interviews – chances are you have gathered some good data regarding your job search.

So now, you need to evaluate what you have learned.  Consider your answers to these questions:

What is your reaction to the number of hours and type of schedule described?

What do you need to do to make yourself a competitive candidate?

Do you think you would be satisfied working in the situation your contact described?

Do you think you would be dissatisfied with the same things your contact described as dissatisfying?

What is your reaction to the conditions – stresses and anxieties – of this occupation? Do you want to deal with them?

Have any changes taken place in your opinion of the occupation as a result of your interview?

What are the most important new facts and understandings that you have acquired?

What misconceptions were corrected as a result of this interview?

Armed with this information and your honest evaluation -- you will be in a better place to determine if a job in this career will be a good match for you.

Good Hunting!


Good Hunting!


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