Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Networking Tips ...

Networking is one of the most productive methods of finding career opportunities and landing a job.

This proactive approach will help you:

·        Uncover opportunities that you would not have found through reactive methods
      ·        Create opportunities for better interviews
      ·        Gain enhanced credibility
      ·        Get ahead of your competition
      ·        Use the compounding power of networks

Studies show that networking strategies have a much better rate for linking you to your next job than reactive job search methods. There are many reasons why, but the following five reasons are the most powerful ones.

1.      It is easier to set up a meeting with a decision-maker if the meeting is not a true interview. Meeting to discuss potential opportunities, gain information, and ask for suggestions are like complements to the person you meet with.

2.      Networking meetings are usually informal and more relaxed. This allows for more two-way communication.

3.      You may receive referrals to other people, even if the original person you meet with does not know of any open jobs or jobs that will be listed in the near future.

4.      Many jobs never get posted to ads or to the Internet, and never get listed with job agencies.  The only way to find out about these is through networking.

5.      Fewer people invest their time networking for a job, even though it is the most efficient method, because it takes a little more effort.

You need to put together a broad list of contacts – people you’ve met through various business and social functions – and develop trusting relationships with them. (Yesterday’s blog gave you a simple form to use to help you start such a list.)

It is these people in your network who may be able to give you job leads, offer you advice and information, and introduce you to others.

If you are going to develop a useful job hunting network, you must do these 8 things:

  1. Decide now to put energy into it to make it work
  2. Get organized as to how you will gather and keep the names
  3. Set a goal (like 2 to 5 new names a week)
  4. Do a self-assessment of your values and decide what you want to be doing as a career
  5. Prepare a strong resume that you want to share with others
  6. Communicate with your network that you are looking for work
  7. Schedule and hold informational interviews with those on your list
  8. Follow up with your network and let them know what is happening in your job search
Good hunting!


P.S.  Tomorrow -- How to set up an "informational interview".

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