Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Power of Words ...

“In the beginning was the word.”

So begins a powerful scriptural definition of God.

Not to diminish the importance of that – but in quite another sense, that significant phrase could be used also as a definition of marketing.

Words create a theatre in our minds, where actors perform and scenes unfold before they begin in real life.

The minute you speak something – whether good or bad -- you give birth to an idea, an expectation, a desire. And by speaking it, you set in motion the universe that will eventually produce what you have sown.

I believe that words are powerful. They create in us the ability to change, to grow, to achieve, to become.

Words affect emotions, logic and our spiritual natures.

If we want to create better advertisements, if we want to market our products and services more effectively – we must choose carefully our words.

By controlling what we say and how we say it – using positive words with enthusiasm – we can change attitudes and situations.

Words are powerful.

Use them wisely.

Good Selling!

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