Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hurry Up, Jolene ...

Our daughter Jolene is due to give birth any day now and we are really excited. This will be our 8th grandchild and the anticipated joy of having a new little person join our family circle is enormous. My wife  left early to be there and I am waiting for the phone to ring so I can drive up for the big event. It is going to be fun!!!

Have you ever had an event that you are so looking forward to that you can hardly sleep at night; one where you just know it is going to be wonderful and you can hardly wait for the experience to begin?

Now consider this for a moment --

When people are getting ready to do business with you -- do they think the experience is going to be so wonderful and so exciting ... that they can hardly wait to see you? Would they eagerly drive 50, 100, 200 miles or more just to do business with you? Do they eagerly tell others about their experience?

If you can create that kind of excitement among your prospects and clients, then you are well on your way to marketing success.

Good Selling!

:)  Dana

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