Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time seems to fly ...

I've been busy teaching classes this week for Tacoma Community College at the Tacoma Goodwill. I have about 75 students between my Tacoma classroom and classrooms in Yakima and Longview. With today's technology, we are all inter-connected and able to see and hear each other. I am amazed by this.

My son -- Jonathan -- is deployed with the Marines in the Middle East right now. Occasionally, he pops up on my computer screen and we are able to chat and see each other while we are talking. I am fascinated with this. It is a blessing.

In my hand is my iPhone. I can be in touch with anyone, via multiple media options, with the touch of a button -- wherever I have signal ... and that is just about every place I ever go. 

World events, business deals, family and friends -- all delivered directly to me by today's wonderful technology.

What a blessing to be alive and to be in touch through the marvels of today's communication devices.

:)  Dana

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Michael Darling said...

Yes, the leash gets longer and longer, doesn't it?