Monday, November 14, 2011

Closing Out the Final Sections of Your Targeted Resume

Over the past week or so, I’ve been breaking down the sections of a targeted resume so that you can see and put together a resume that will increase your potential for being interviewed and hired.

In previous blog posts, we’ve covered such things as:

1.  Contact Information
2.  Objective Statement
3.  Skills and Experience
4.  Work History

Let’s close out this process by looking at the final sections you’ll want to include:

5.  Education and Training
6.  Additional Honors, Awards and Activities
7.  Interests
8.  References (which are NOT included on the resume but are kept in a separate sheet that you take to the interview and turn in if references are requested.)

Here we go:

5.  Additional Training, Honors, and Awards
a.     This section remains the same on all resumes you send out.
b.     List here any special courses you’ve attended or training you’ve received.
c.      Also, list any honors or awards you’ve earned.

6.  Education
a.     Start with the most current schooling and work your way back.
b.     In most cases, do NOT put in the years when you graduated.
c.      If you had outstanding grades, you might want to put in your grade point average.
d.     Use “graduated with honors” – NOT “graduated Cum Laude”.

7.  Interests
a.     This section will most likely remain the same on all resumes you send out.
b.     I would consider adding any of my interests or hobbies here – especially if I felt they related to the job being advertised.

8.  References Available On Request
a.     References are NOT listed on the resume.
b.     They are listed on a separate sheet of paper that is taken to the job interview.
c.      Three to five professional references should suffice.
d.     List the person’s full name, title, address of the company, how you know the referral person, their phone number and email.

Tomorrow let’s look at cover letters and how you can put them together for effectiveness.

Until then, good hunting!

J  Dana

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