Monday, November 21, 2011

The power of "you" ...

You most likely have learned from some clever teacher or a media salesman-type that when you write your radio or TV ad -- it should include the name of your business seven times.

So, you dutifully cram the name of the company into the ad copy as often as you can -- hopefully, getting it in there at least seven times. But you have the nagging feeling that by so doing, your ad copy will sound just like an ad ... and you wonder if that really will be effective.

May I suggest a different approach.

You don't need to use mind-numbing repetition; you don't need to "shout" or use loud noises; and you don't need to offer low, low sales prices and special discounts to be effective.

Instead -- you just need to engage the imagination.

And one of the best ways to do that is by using the word: "you".

It is an irresistible  and powerful word that will draw people into your ads and puts them into the action as participants.

Here is an excellent example:

ANNOUNCER:  You are standing in the snow five and one-half miles above sea level, gazing at a horizon hundreds of miles away. Life here is very simple. You live, or you die. No compromises, no whining, no second chances. This is a place constantly ravaged by wind and storm, where every ragged breath is an accomplishment. You stand on the uppermost pinnacle of the earth. This is the mountain they call Everest. Yesterday it was considered unbeatable. But that was yesterday.

CLIENT:  As Edmund Hillary surveyed the horizon from the peak of Mount Everest, he monitored the time on a wristwatch that had been specifically designed to withstand the fury of the world's most angry mountain. Rolex believed Sir Edmund would conquer the mountain, and especially for him they created the Rolex Explorer.

ANNOUNCER:  In every life, there is a Mount Everest to be conquered. When you have conquered yours, you'll find your Rolex waiting patiently for you to come and pick it up at Justice Jewelers, your official Rolex Jeweler, on Highway 65 at Battlefield Road.

CLIENT:  I'm Woody Justice, and I've got a Rolex for you.


Did you see the 360-degree panorama? Did you hear the wind whistling in your face? Were you proud to be standing on the pinnacle of the earth?

As a listener drawn in with the power of "you" -- you become engaged in the vision of the imagery -- and by the end of the ad -- ownership of the watch has been transferred.  And it all started with "you".

Good selling!

:)  Dana

P.S.  Need help with your copy? Give me a call. It's what I do.

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