Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kansas on My Mind ...

My Mom was born and raised in Kansas until her family moved out here to the great Northwest. She passed away several years ago – but whenever I think of her, I think of Kansas. In my mind’s eye, I see it as flat prairie and plowed fields, dotted with an occasional farmhouse on an otherwise bland landscape.

I remember an old sepia toned picture of the family farm in Kansas – and it seemed dark and depressing. It always reminded me of the opening scenes in “The Wizard of Oz”. And in the theatre of the mind, my Mom plays the role of Dorothy … eager to get on with new things, to break away from the mundane, routine of life; to take on new adventures.

I admire her spunk and her willingness to take on new challenges; to help her family through the difficult times during World War II. She took on a great adventure … and in the process, changed the lives of many of us in her family.

But others in her family chose to stay in Kansas.


I imagine because it was safe, predictable, even mundane. Her family knew their way around in Kansas and while there were some dangers there, virtually every day is the same.

So, what about you in your life’s journey?

Do you have too much safety? Is every day the same? And yes, while there may be adventure in Kansas, is adventure what you really want?

You see, adventures often come with trouble. That’s part of the deal. Remember Dorothy and Toto as they journeyed to OZ. It wasn’t long until Dorothy had her eyes tightly closed while she kept repeating: “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

So the question: “Do you really want an adventure?” Are you ready to leave the bland, routine of daily life on the farm in Kansas? Are you ready to meet the challenges you’ll find along your way on the Yellow Brick Road of life?

If adventure is what you want, you can find OZ quite easily. But be ready, the trip can be a bit frightening as you ride on the winds of a tornado.

I hope you go for it … and reach your destination.

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