Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Refuse to Quit ...

If you are going to gauge success, the key element you’ll most likely find in your measurement is the ability to stick with it.

To be successful you must focus on the important, develop a plan, follow through, persevere … just stick with it.

Ahh … but how do you do it?

Remember seeing a lion tamer at the circus. He prowls the cage with a whip, a stool, and a handful of tasty snacks. But which is the most useful to him?

The stool.

When the lion tamer faces the big cats, he lifts the four-legged stool up to the lion’s face – and the beast can’t focus on any one particular leg and freezes in place.

Sometimes that happens to us too. We see so many options, so many opportunities -- we try to focus on too many things … and as a result, we accomplish none. We freeze in place … or we find we may have focused on the wrong things.

So, what can we do?

You have to determine the one goal, the one thing that is most important to you. Things that matter least must not take precedent over things that matter most.

To help you identify your “one thing”, you must answer two questions:

1)  What can I be the very best at? And …

2) What am I absolutely passionate about?

The place where your two answers intersect will help you identify your “one thing”.

Focus on that “one thing”. Develop your plan. Implement it. Follow through. Don’t give up. Stick to it. And success will follow.

Good Selling!

J  Dana

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