Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To tell the truth ...

To Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth …

It may shock you I’m afraid – but telling the truth is rarely persuasive.

At least, that’s what many in the advertising world believe. So, they exaggerate the truth a bit, hoping to get you to buy their products, goods, and services by painting an overly optimistic look at what they have to sell.

In the past, honest business owners thought all you had to do was tell the truth and people would recognize it and flock to their doors.

But what often happened in reality was that their deceitful competitors blew smoke at the potential clients … and in the confusion they created, they were able to sell their inferior products.

So, the battle lines were drawn.  And many decided they had to fight fire with fire. Honest business people gave in so that they could survive. At least that is what they bwere told by their ad agencies.

But what really happened is this –

Few of us believe the claims of anyone who is blowing smoke in their ads. We can see right through it.

Look at the politician in the coming election. Do you really believe any of their claims? They may try to kindle a fire … but smoke is all we see.

Now, I can’t measure their hearts or their minds based on what they are saying. I can only base my opinions on what I observe them do.

In advertising, you should be able to tell the truth. But, you must present it with persuasive skills to help others realize the truth themselves. This requires great skill.

Honest persuasion is what is needed. It is the water to put out any fire.

Good selling!


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