Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give It a Push!

Have you ever had a car breakdown and you needed to give it a push?

It took quite a bit of effort to get it moving, didn’t it?

At first, you are leaning into it with all your strength, your legs and arms and whole body are engaged in the effort. But soon, it starts to move and picks up momentum.

Once it is on the roll, you find that you are just following along giving it some light pressure and it easily keeps moving along.

There are some Laws of the Universe that are in operation here, I think. Now, I’m not a physics guy – but I know that things at rest, tend to stay at rest … and things that are in motion, tend to stay in motion.

So, your car doesn’t immediately start to roll when you begin pushing – and it doesn’t immediately stop rolling when you quit pushing.

The same is true of your advertising and marketing efforts.

When you first start marketing your business, it is hard. You have to invest a lot of effort. It doesn’t start up immediately. You will strain a bit until momentum starts to take over.

Once it is rolling, you can keep it rolling by giving it some light pressure and effort.

And, once it is producing results, it will continue to produce for a while – even though you may quit. (I don’t recommend stopping  your advertising and marketing, but some people do it. I’m more like: “Hey. You got it rolling. Let’s keep it rolling!”)

Here’s the question:

Where are you now with your advertising and marketing program? Are you jogging along behind the car, nudging it just enough to keep it rolling along – or are you still pushing with all your strength in an attempt to pick up speed?

If you haven’t quite got your advertising and marketing programs to the point where momentum is carrying them forward, why not give me a call? I’d love to help you push that car!

Good Selling!

J  Dana

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