Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beware of Using "Sale! Sale! Sale!" Ads ...

If you’ve been talking to your local media rep lately or maybe even your ad agency – you probably think you need to have a “sale” to sell your products, goods, or services.

After all, we know that people like to save money. So your offer of lower prices should bring a flood of new customers, right?!

Hmmmnnnn … well maybe initially. But that may not be in your long-term interests.

Here’s what I mean.

The desire for instant gratification is very strong. If you ask your doctor how you can feel better, he’ll look you in the eye and most likely suggest that you eat right and exercise. Yet according to a recent study, for every dollar spent in a health center -- $19 dollars are spent on cocaine.

The reason?

Two seconds after snorting cocaine, you feel like Superman on steroids. Yet two weeks of diet and exercise just makes you hungry and sore.

Unfortunately, the desire for instant gratification affects most business owners who want increased business and profits … and they want it now! They want a financial quick fix and the way they are told to get it is to run a “sale” ad. Move that merchandise. Get it off the floor and do it now! “Sale! Sale! Sale!”

The first dose of cocaine makes a person feel great. So does the next one. And the next.  But it starts taking bigger and bigger doses to get the same effect. And as a result, it is almost impossible to convince an addict that he has a problem.

Just as the junkie never stops to consider how the drug is destroying his health, the business owner never stops to consider how “Sale! Sale! Sale!” undermines the health of his business.

What starts as a “20% off” habit soon grows to ads that offer “half price” or more! Your business must be clean. Successful companies don’t spend their advertising dollars training their customers to wait for a sale.

There are MANY psychological reasons – buying motives, if you will – as to why people will buy from you. And, if you use them, you won’t need to offer any low-ball sales gimmicks.

Good Selling!


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P.S. Want to know more about the other “Buying Motives” and how to use them effectively? Just let me know. That’s what I do.

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