Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What do they really want?

It’s the question you must ask if your business is to be successful.

All too often we hear about how a woman wants a GIA certificate diamond of G color and VVS clarity. The ads tell us so. But what she really wants is for others to notice the rock she is sporting on her finger and see the reaction as their eyes pop out and hear them gasp in amazement while muttering to themselves, “OMG! Is that for real?!”

The ads tell us that people want a car wax … when what they really want is a nice shiny car.

We hear it in business when the owner tells us they want advertising help … when what they really want is more customers.

One of the great thinkers of all time said this: “We do things, but we do not know why we do them.”

I think he’s probably right. People do things, without fully understanding why they do them.

If your ads and marketing efforts are to be effective, you’ll want to do some thinking about what people really want.

The great thinker who made this observation? Albert Einstein … you remember him from “E=mc2”, right? Well, I’m thinking he hit the marketing problem on the head with: “We do things, but we do not know why we do them.”

Good Selling!


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